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Excellence Industrial Training Institute Its Industrial Training Institute for BCA, B.Tech, M.Tech, MCA, PGDCA, M Sc. IT, B SC. IT Students on very low cost. We provide Theory + Practical Classes.
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Its Industrial Training Institute for BCA, B.Tech, M.Tech, MCA, PGDCA, M Sc. IT, B SC. IT Students on very low cost.
We provide Theory + Practical Classes.

Latest Updates

2004 - Incorporated in May 2004 as a company that conducts training programs in niche courses for Indian college students. Objective set by IIT Delhi alumnus and professors who setup the organization, was to impart vocational training programs which were available primarily in IITS only, First training program in Matlab delivered in Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology, First training lab came up in Pitampura, New Delhi with a capacity to train 20 students at one time. All batches booked 4 months in advance.

2005 - Courses launched in 14 disciplines under the brand Homtech including Information Security, Nanotechnology, Embedded systems and Robotics, Artificial Intelligence etc. First time in India a training institute focused on futuristic and cutting edge technologies, Over 1200 students attended 6 weeks summer training program at Pitampura, New Delhi center. All nearby school and college labs booked for this summer program, Students from over 14 nations including Nigeria, China, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Canada etc. attend Information Security training program in India.

2006 - ATL Education Foundation celebrates the first successful 6 week winter training program in niche-courses. Information Security courses as big hit among students, Week Magazine acknowledges ATL Education Foundation as one of 5 leading IT training brand, Embedded System and Robotics combined to form a unique industry based training program called Embedded Robotics, First job oriented 6 month training program called frontrunner launched in the field of Information Security. All students receive offers from “A” grade companies before completion.

2007 - Opens up franchising division to help students outside Delhi to study niche courses in their own cities, Number of centers cross a quarter century (25 centers). Presence in over 15 cities in India, Number of centers cross a quarter century (25 centers). Presence in over 15 cities in India.

2008 - First round of funding received, First international center opens up in international locations such as Lagos, Diversifies into Information Security Solutions with centralized delivery but training centers acting as support and service centers, Number of centers cross 50 globally, Second round of funding.

2009 - Wins Information Security service contracts from Delhi and Hyderabad airport, Microsoft, Intuit, Daikin and several industry leaders.

2010 - Number of centers cross 75, ATL Education Foundation now present in 18 nations.

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About Information Security

What is Information Security?

IT Security is a term which is concerned with the protection of entire data safe and secure, from the perils of disaster and external attacks (through virus, etc). It must be ensured that the data and the information is not at all visible and disclosed to anyone. On the other hand it is can also be defined as a way of safeguarding the information along with the information system which is concerned with the input, process, output and feedback from the environment.

Why Information Security is must?

After the boom in Networking and Software jobs, the past two years have seen a sharp rise in the field of Information Security, Information Security is the latest buzzword in the industry and not without reason in the past five years the percentage of cyber crimes, data thefts, data losses, viruses and other cyber crimes have increased exponentially.

“Frost & Sullivan estimated that there are 2.28 million information security professionals worldwide. This figure is expected to increase to nearly 4.2 million by 2015. Budgets and spending are expected to increase in the next 12 months, and salaries showed healthy growth despite a global recession.”

Need for Information Security in the Indian market

Security Compliance is must for all companies with IT backbone. The requirement is high with organizations in IT/ ITES segment. Information workers lack of basic security knowledge. Information Security industry is going through an exponential growth rate. Current worldwide growth rate is billed at 21%. Higher salaries are been offered to professionals in IT security. Information security industry is currently over $100 B ($60 B in US, $ 20B UK, $4.5 B Japan, over $1.5 B India).

Job Opportunities in Information Security

With the sudden boom in the field of Information Security, hot jobs with lucrative pay packets are opening up. The ATL Program individuals in the domain of network security and enables them to seek jobs in the areas of: Network Security System Administrator/Manager, Network Security Engineer, Systems/Applications Security Executive, Web security Administrator/Manager, Security Auditor, Data security specialist, Chief Information Security Officer, Computer Forensics Investigator, IT Security Administrator/Consultant/ Manager, Security Certified Programmer, Forensics Investigator etc...

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Frontrunner Job Oriented Training Program

Frontrunner Job Oriented Training Program aims to ensure that the certified individual not only knows the covered product or technology, but can actually do a defined job related to that product. In a tight job market where candidates are seeking every possible alternative, a Job Oriented Program can often make the difference between getting hired and getting passed over. Those candidates who are not prepared to deal with real technologies may be at a disadvantage in the real world. ATL’s Frontrunner job oriented training program is valued for its marketability, ability to validate experience and relevant technology.

Why FRP?

Every year, thousands of students graduate from universities and colleges. For a vast majority, the lure of the industry is too much to resist. As expected, only the top scorers from the best colleges (equipped with the latest technology skills) walk away with the best jobs. While others often end up being underemployed or even worse remaining unemployed. Reason being, employers hire only those students who can take on responsibilities from the very first day and are equipped with the skills required by the industry. They need complete professionals who can perform on the job without extensive training. With the help of our 6-months Job Oriented Training Program, you too can become a technology leader.

A Frontrunner can prove to be an added advantage on the candidate’s resume.

Program Details
Duration : 6 months training
Instructor led Training (144 hrs. , 4 months)
Projects/ Self organized internship (72 hrs, 2 months)
Student Eligibility: Graduates/Final year students/10+2.

What Will you get?
Better job prospects, either in their current firm or with a new firm.
Respect of employer and peers.
Higher compensation.
Globally recognized Diplomas.
100% Job assistance.

Offerings: ATL the following training / courses under this category
Information Security Training
Internet Reputaion & Marketing
Secured Programming in .Net with C
Secured Mobile Application Development
Technical Sales

Training highlights-
Training on latest technologies helpful in placement in top MNC’s.
Sessions by Industry experts
Practical exposure
Hands on experience
Participation cum online examination certificate
Flexible schedule
High quality
Live projects
Multimedia courseware

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